Overseas Mortgages

When your clients are looking to buy a property abroad, our Mortgage Club can still help. We’ve teamed up with Conti – the UK’s leading, independently owned overseas mortgage specialist.

Your clients can rely on a highly trained team of mortgage advisers and underwriters to guide them through the whole process – while you maintain complete client ownership.

Conti has in-depth knowledge of the varying requirements of overseas lenders. This gives you peace of mind that every step of the mortgage application will be handled efficiently, professionally and quickly.

What Conti offers YOU:

Highly experienced team of mortgage specialists

  • Direct access to a highly experienced team of mortgage specialists
  • Regular updates on rates and products
  • High levels of commission – regardless of your level of involvement
  • Dedicated registration and referral system

What Conti offers YOUR clients:

  • Complete hand-holding service
  • Excellent value for money
  • Best deals and lowest rates 
  • Faster mortgage offers
  • Friendly and knowledgeable advisors
  • Lower fees

Fees and Charges
Conti will pay Mortgage Club members 25% of any procuration fee and the final arrangement fee. Conti’s commission is received either from the lender or client, or a combination of both.

How do I submit Business?
You register and submit applications directly on Conti’s website. Or if you’d prefer not to submit business online, please complete Conti's detailed quote form (PDF) and email it to: info@mortgagesoverseas.com