Business protection could help client owned businesses continue to trade should a key person or business owner die or become terminally or critically* ill. Proceeds from the policy could help ensure that key individuals are replaced, corporate debt is protected and shares from the deceased partner's/director's estate are purchased.

Many believe arranging business protection to be a lengthy and complicated process. But actually, the principles are similar to any other type of protection.

The most significant differences are:

  • Business protection generally incorporates higher sums assured.
  • A claim may be paid to a business, not a family member.

Types of Business Protection 

We offer four main types of business protection:

As with all types of insurance, limitations and exclusions apply. 

Types of Policy

  • Term assurance
  • Term assurance plus critical illness cover
  • Whole of life protection plan

All policies can be set up in Trust. 

Reasons to Sell Business Protection

There are many compelling reasons for a business to take out a protection policy. Your clients could benefit both today and in the future.

  • Added peace of mind that the business could be financially secure.
  • Helps protect a partner or director’s financial share in the business in the event that they fall terminally or critically* ill or die.
  • Eases the pressure on business owners to return to work quickly should they fall critically* ill.
  • Provides evidence of good practice.
  • Demonstrates proof of an effective disaster recovery strategy, which helps reassure customers that the business is stable.

Terms & Conditions

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