Critical Illness Extra

Critical Illness Extra is designed to pay a lump sum if your client is diagnosed with one of 95 conditions covered whilst the plan is in place. It includes all conditions covered within Critical Illness Cover.

Conditions covered

There are 95 conditions covered by Critical Illness Extra. They include 53 full payment and 37 additional payment conditions. The conditions covered include cancer, heart attack, stroke and multiple sclerosis, which are amongst the conditions most claimed for and paid out. However, not all types of cancer are covered and to make a claim for some illnesses your client may need to have permanent symptoms.

Children’s Critical Illness Cover is included and can be upgraded to Children’s Critical Illness Extra for parents who would like more cover for their children. Terms and conditions apply.

Critical Illness Extra allows you to recommend a wide range of benefits and options to meet your client’s needs. It’s been carefully designed to provide cover for even more conditions that really matter, including some less advanced cancers.