Personal Protection Trust Hub

Covid-19 update: We have introduced a new digital process, enabling single life Family protection policies to be placed in Trust without the need for signatures. Please click here for more information

There are many reasons why your clients should consider putting their Life Insurance in trust, including protecting their loved ones from inheritance tax or helping to avoid probate.


Our trust hub can help make explaining the many benefits of putting a personal protection policy in trust, and setting one up now even easier. It’s designed for use face to face with your clients too. Learn more and get started here today.


This section has everything you and your clients need to know about our personal Trusts, without the jargon.


Use our interactive tool to answer some simple questions to help you and your clients decide which of our trusts may be right in just a few clicks. Or if you know this already, visit our Complete tool.


Setting up a trust is quick and easy. Once you know the type of trust you’d like to set up, we can help you fill in the right form online and get you and your clients on your way.

You can also choose to print out the blank form to fill out later if you prefer.