Pre-sale Underwriting

Underwriting is the name given to the risk assessment process that calculates your client’s premium.

Essential to this process are the health, lifestyle, occupation, and family history questions that we ask during the quotation stage. The answers to these questions determine whether we can offer cover and how much the cover will cost. For 81% of submissions, our interactive online system provides an instant decision. 

Accurate information is vital

We can only assess your client’s application on the information provided. To secure the fairest terms for your client it’s essential this information is as complete and accurate as possible. If your client is unsure about certain aspects of their health, it will be helpful for them to clarify these with their GP or provide copies of relevant correspondence from their hospital or consultant.

Wherever possible we try to provide you and your client with an automated decision, so your clients have the information they need quickly. Sometimes a hands-on review by a member of our expert underwriting team is needed. If this happens, we’ll keep you informed about the progress of the application.