Our products

Our range of protection products are designed to help suit your client's needs, protecting the life insured, their families, home and business.

Life Insurance

Cover designed to pay out on death during the length of the plan. You can also add Critical Illness Cover to plan.

Critical Illness Cover

A policy which pays out should the life insured be diagnosed with one of our specified critical illnesses.

Income Protection

Provides a regular monthly benefit, if the life insured is unable to work due to incapacity caused by long term illness or injury

Family and Personal Income Plan

A monthly benefit provided on death during the length of the plan, also pays out when life insured is diagnosed as terminally ill.

Business Protection

Business protection could help client owned businesses continue to trade should a key person or business owner die or become terminally ill or critically ill (if Critical Illness Cover is chosen)

Relevant Life Plan

A life insurance plan available to employers to provide an individual death in service benefit for an employee.

Whole of Life Protection Plan

This policy is designed to pay out a lump sum when the life insured dies for Family Protection needs.