Fancy a change later in life? You’re not alone.

In the second episode of our new podcast series, Angellica chats to Mick and Jacky. Mick faced redundancy after the colliery he worked at closed, but he chose to take advantage of the retraining opportunity and followed his dream of becoming a ski instructor. 17 years later he’s still on the slopes, winning awards for his customer service.

Jacky is a lifelong learner. She was able to leave her business career in her 50s but says she’ll probably still be working when she’s 100. She shares her story of pursuing her interest in psychology, a new career working with young people, life in local politics and her plans to write a trilogy of novels.

Whatever your ambitions are, smart planning and a solid financial base are a big part of having the lifestyle you dream of later in life. Angellica also chats to Stuart Lewis, the CEO and Founder of Rest Less, a community founded to inspire the over 50s, as well as Legal & General’s Emma Byron, COO of Retirement Institutional.





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