“He’s my middle man hero”

Not all hereos wear capes.

When Kelly Ladbrooke was diagnosed with Leukaemia, and following her brokers advice, Kelly's family could care for her and not worry about paying bills.

Neil is now Kelly’s boss, but before she started working for him, he was their family financial adviser. 4 years ago, whilst sorting out their mortgage, Neil advised Kelly and her husband to take out life insurance with critical illness cover.

Introducing Neil our Hero in the Middle winner video

Kelly cancels cover

But Kelly cancelled it soon after taking it out because “at the time money was tight”.
A few days after cancelling, Neil received a notification and immediately got back in touch with Kelly. She says, “he came to see us and strongly advised we take out some insurance. We agreed to do it but at a lower rate”.

The worst happened

Just 2 months after they’d renewed their policy, Kelly was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

At the time of diagnosis Kelly was 24 weeks pregnant. So, it was decided the baby be delivered early. He was then kept in special care and is now a happy little boy.

3 years in remission

After the delivery, Kelly then had radiotherapy and a stem cell transplant. And the good news is she’s now 3 years in remission. 

Making a difference

But what really made a difference throughout the whole experience was Neil’s intervention. Thanks to him ensuring they had insurance, they were paid out £30k which significantly helped to pay mortgage bills – so Kelly’s husband could reduce his working hours and visit Kelly and their new son in hospital. 

Kelly’s only regret is that she didn’t stick to the amount Neil originally advised her to take out.

My Middle man hero

Kelly believes, “if Neil hadn’t called me back, we would never have had cover. He is my middle man hero by far”.