PDF file: View - Chairman's Statement PDF size: 1098KB   - Chair Statement, Statement of Investment Principles and Implementation Statement, covering 1 October 2020 to 30 Septemeber 2021.

PDF file: View - Illustration of Charges & Disclosure costs PDF size: 39KB   - for illustration details of the NatWest RSP Charges & Disclosure costs.

PDF file: View - Annual Report PDF size: 613KB   - Annual Report, covering the year ended 30 September 2020.

View - NatWest Microsite - For details about your NatWest RSP.

NatWest AA

PDF file: View - Chairman’s Statement PDF size: 71KB  - For details of NatWest AA Chairman’s Statement.

PDF file: View - Report and Accounts - NatWest AA PDF size: 2400KB  - For details on the NatWest AA report and accounts.

PDF file: View - Statement of Investment Principles - NatWest AA PDF size: 383KB  - For details on the NatWest AA Statement of Investment Principles.