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Workplace pensions

All you need to know about workplace pensions from how to join through to how to access your savings.

Where are you on your retirement journey?

Not yet saving

If you’ve received an enrolment notification, you can visit WorkSave Choice to review your employer’s pension scheme, your personal details and opt out if you do not want to stay enrolled.

Already saving

You can log in to Manage Your Account and plan for your retirement. Or learn more about making the most of your workplace pension.

Approaching retirement

Log in to Manage Your Account to plan for your retirement. Or learn more about your options at age 55.

Calculators and tools

Use our calculators and tools to find out what income you might need in retirement and what savings you may need to make.

Contact us

Manage Your Account to take control of your money now. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for online. Get in touch.