What is a Default Investment Option?

If you are unsure about selecting funds for your personal pension and do not require financial advice, you may wish to consider the Default Investment Option. This option could be suitable if you want to have a flexible income during your retirement.

The Default Investment Option may not align with your personal circumstances or financial goals. It's purpose is to grow your pension savings in the long term during your early and mid-career years. We automatically change where your pension savings are invested the nearer you get to your pension access age with the aim of minimising the risk of losing money. This is called a Lifestyle Profile.

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A lifestyle profile doesn't guarantee the value of your pension savings; the value of investments can go down as well as up. Currently once you have chosen the Default Investment Option you can’t switch to a different fund.

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If you think the default investment option is not appropriate for your needs and retirement objectives, you may wish to look at other available investment choices. If you are unsure which investment is right for you, we recommend you get in touch with a financial adviser or find one through Unbiased.

Other ways to invest your pension

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Simple Fund Choice

Based on your risk appetite, choose from five diversified funds, and we'll do the rest.