Whether you're thinking of retiring fully, gradually or delaying retirement, it's important to be fully prepared. Our checklist will help you prepare step by step:

Retirement goals and priorities

  • Do you know what your options are?
  • Do you know how to boost your retirement income?

Likely income

  • Do you qualify for pension credit?
  • The value of your personal pensions
  • The value of your company pensions
  • Trace lost pensions

Likely outgoings

  • Decide how much income to take each year
  • How much will you need and for how long?
  • What are your actual living costs

Other ideas

  • Consider late retirement
  • Defer your State Pension
  • Boost your National Insurance contributions
  • Check what else you might be entitled to
  • Review money saving tips
  • Pay off your debt

Explore your options

  • Contact Pension Wise
  • Make the most of free information
  • Consider taking advice
  • Understand your options
  • Shop around for the best deal
  • Be clear on the possible tax and benefit implications
  • Think carefully before you make any decision

Your next steps

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Need to know which looks at the important questions you will need to have considered before making any decisions