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Our funds could help you go from small seeds to green shoots.  Depending on how long you’re investing for, your level of risk and your aspirations, there are many ways and places you can plant your money.

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Click on the boxes below to find the best fund for you. If you’d prefer to go down the simpler route, and plant different types of seeds without having to choose the seeds themselves, our ‘We do it for you' range might be better for you.

Equities active funds

With actively managed funds, a fund manager or team of fund managers buys and sells investments aiming to outperform the market or a particular benchmark. This is opposed to passive funds, such as index-tracker funds, which aim to mirror or track a particular market or sector.

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Equity index tracker funds

An index tracker aims to provide returns similar to a stock market index, like the FTSE 100. These funds don’t try to ‘beat’ the market, just match the performance of the index. Trackers invest in a variety of companies so exposure is broad but risk is spread.  

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Fixed income funds

We have a range of fixed income and equity income funds. Fixed income funds invest in corporate and government bonds as these types of investment pay out regular interest payments, whereas our equity income funds take their income from share dividends.

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Multi-asset funds

Multi-asset funds invest in a variety of asset classes (different types of investment). This often includes a mix of index funds, bonds, company shares and property. By including a blend of asset classes, multi-asset funds offer investors with diversification and broad exposure.

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Our property fund invests in commercial and industrial property in the UK.

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You can build your own portfolio by selecting a number of different funds that suit your investment needs.

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Future World Fund Range

Future World fund range

Our Future World funds seek to make a positive difference and address key issues, including climate change and diversity, without compromising on returns.

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The decision of whether to invest and where is your decision. We are unable to provide you with any advice. Please remember the value of your investment and any income from it may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may get back less than you invest. You should be happy to invest for at least five years.